About Me

I learned how to use a camera when I was about 10 years old. It was an old Zenit camera my godfather kept from the communist era in Romania. I had to learn how to manually adjust all the settings. I used that camera for many years, until digital cameras became affordable. I had already emigrated to Canada by the early 2000s, and my first digital camera was a Fujifilm FinePix. This, too, served me well for many years.

Then, around 2008, the era of smartphone cameras started, and my photography took the back seat for a while. As time passed, I missed using an actual camera more and more. It’s a different feeling: a sense of purpose that I couldn’t recapture with a smartphone, no matter how good the quality got over the years and how convenient the size was.

Now, I’m happy to once again enjoy the wonderful world of photography. I’m trying to experiment, learn and fave fun. As a nod to the past, I’m excited to once again use a Fujifilm camera.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy the photos!

Razvan Ungureanu

Twitter: @razvan_yyc
500px: Razvan Ungureanu